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The Cheerleader Event

Stuntfest is a sport and lifestyle event for Cheerleading and Acrobatics.

It is a meeting spot and “Just-For-Fun” training weekend for teams, clubs and athletes of the Cheerleading Community. An event, that lives, represents and stands for the sport of cheerleading. A great mixture of an adventure and a festival, where athletes meet other athletes and teams of the same passion and background. Learning from each other, training with each other, helping each other, motivating each other and improving the overall performance of every single participant – “THIS IS WHAT WE STAND FOR”.

The idea and goal of Stuntfest is to establish Stuntfest as a flagship and ambassador of the sport of Competitive Cheerleading. Image, publicity and general level of awareness should be enhanced and increased – improving athletes, uniting cheerleader, promoting our sport.

“Cheerleading-Passion” brings europe’s cheerleader community together to rock and celebrate our sport.


The Stuntfest-Idea

The origin and birth of Stuntfest was to create and organise a unique, action-packed, communal and sportive weekend for cheerleaders to enjoy and celebrate the sport we all love – “CHEERLEADING”.

The idea was to create a “meet & greet” event, creating a meeting point for the thousands of cheerleaders in the cheer community. We wanted to create a crazy epic weekend that brings the whole cheer community closer together with the goals of making new friends, practicing with each other and sharing tips and tricks for every area of cheerleading.

Behind the event itself, the goal of the stuntfest was to create a plattform, where cheerleader and teams can meet, talk and train to improve themselves and get a motivational push to be the best version of theirselves.

The stuntfest has been developed to a popular lifestyle event, where cheerleader dreams come true and getting fulfilled.

“Cheerleading Passion” will be seen, shown, lived and experience inside every stuntfest.


The Lifestyle-Character

The first Stuntfest was founded in 2011 by Sven Reincke and Constantin Stalzer. The phrase “Stuntfest” has developed into a famous lifestyle event within the last few years. Stuntfest is now internationally known and very popular in the Cheerleading World. Our event trailer on social networks (Facebook, Youtube & Instagram)are showing the beauty of the previous stuntfest and give people an inside and taste about the STUNTFEST.

At this time, ICheer organises two Stuntfest events each year. During the summer break, the Summer Stuntfest (outdoor) takes place. Around winter time, usually January, our Winter Stuntfest (indoor) is hosted.

Stuntfest attracts more and more teams and athletes from Europe and other foreign countries. Around 20% of all participants are from outside Germany, and the trend is ascending. This makes Stuntfest even more interesting and brings a certain “cheer-flair” to the event – “GOING INTERNATIONAL”.

„Cheerleading-Passion” haben den Stuntfesten ihren einzigartigen Charakter und Style verliehen.

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