The Stuntfest is a sporting and lifestyle event in artistry, acrobatics and cheerleading.

This event offers a huge character of experience, brings a learning effect with it and is intended to help athletes with their development as a motivational tool.

The combination of summertime, camping, our Stuntfest challenges and special Stuntfest features brings with it an exceptionally festival character. The Stuntfest lives from a unique flair and spirit, due to different athlete backgrounds, skill sets and international participants

You can find more impressions in our gallery.

Participation in the Stuntfest requires interest and fun in artistry in every respect! The Stuntfest is a meeting point for acrobats, cheerleaders, artists, show dance groups, gardeners, gymnasts, tricksters and lifestyle crews..

No matter whether you are active, are without a club or just want to get a taste of it. No matter what sport you come from, friendships are made at the stunt festival and there are thousands of like-minded people!

You should bring a good dose of fun and interest in sports. Whether in a team, your group or alone. With so many stunt festivals and crazy athletes, there are enough training partners and new friends!

The Stuntfest is not limited to a minimum age. All ages are welcome.

All minors need a supervisor, who must be over 18 years old and also be a participant in the Stuntfest.

The next Stuntfest will take place on July 17 & 18, 2021 in the middle of Germany, in Bensheim (Hessen).

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You can order your event ticket quickly and easily online via our website www.Stuntfest.ICheer.de. Observe the online ticket deadline until July 12, 2021. After that, you can still get a Stuntfest ticket at the box office on site.

We look forward to you!

The most important thing in the world after cheerleading: food!

We have a whole bunch of it on site. Several food trucks are ready for you with a wide variety of dishes and to provide you with enough energy for the day.

Water and softdrinks will also be served on the site throughout the day.

About the water, our goal is to get you through the day as hydrated as possible. We therefore offer you the 1.0L bottle of water for only € 0.50.

In addition, alcohol is served for the first time at nighttime. However, the offer is limited to wine and beer. (In addition to water and soft drinks)

Self-catering is generally allowed, but you should note that glass bottles and barbecuing are prohibited on the entire site.

Every Stuntfest officially starts on a Saturday morning and ends on Sunday afternoon.

The famous Stuntfest Challenges take place all Saturday. These take place approximately every one and a half hours. A detailed schedule of the challenges will be given to you at the check-in.

Otherwise, the Stuntfest rule “Stunting & Tumbling – ALL WEEKEND” applies until the sore muscles strike!

Most importantly, a lot of good mood and enjoyment of sports.

In order to make the weekend a little easier for you besides your infinitely good mood, here are a few things to think about:

  • Sportswear
  • Sun cream
  • Hygiene products
  • Towel
  • Clothing to change
  • Your super fancy party outfit
  • Money
  • Identity card
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping pad or the like
  • Charge cable
  • your ticket in printed or digital form (unless you have to buy a day ticket)

Got all that already packed? You should be well prepared!

For all medical emergencies you will find a medical tent right next to the entrance.

Just like almost everywhere … Yes. Here is a list of prohibited items:

  • Weapons (according to the German Weapons Act) or other objects that can be used as weapons
  • Items with discriminatory or provocative text or expressions
  • Any objects that endanger the safety and health of your fellow human beings
  • Any objects that can be considered dangerous by the organizer.
  • Bulky items
  • Generators
  • Car batteries
  • Glass
  • All kinds of grills (gas cookers, camping grills etc.)
  • Animals (except guide dogs and assistance dogs)
  • Flying objects (drones, balloons, sky lanterns, etc.)
  • Fireworks
Yes! You then conveniently pay the additional charge for the Friday ticket at the check-in. Of course, you only pay the surcharge for the Friday ticket in your ticket phase.

Lass Ma ‘Baaaallern” is a slogan with many meanings and no specific definition.
It is the event character, advertising slogan, motto, festival feeling & individually definable motivation tool of the stunt festival.
It defines the atmosphere and philosophy of the stunt festivals – THE STUNTFEST FEELING !!!

The first stunt festival was launched in 2011 by Sven Reincke and Constantin Stalzer. The idea was to organize a cheerleading event with a “just for fun” structure. In the meantime, the “Stuntfest” has developed into a lifestyle and status event for many artistic sports. From competition cheerleading, to sports acrobatics, to the guard and show dance area.

The stunt festival is not a camp, not a workshop, not a competition, but an event that promotes acrobatic sports, in which teams, athletes and athletes from all over Europe come together for a community meeting.

The stunt festival is intended to bring acrobats, cheerleaders, artists, show dance groups, garden people, gymnasts, tricksters and lifestyle crews together to combine shared passions.